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Kids Club Before & After School Program (Pre-K - Kindergarten)

Kids Club Kids Club is a great opportunity for preschool and kindergartners to meet and make new friends in a fun, safe, and enriching environment. Participants will have a variety of activities planned each day from story time, to arts and crafts, to group and individual play time all while having fun! We work closely with Queen Bee School District 16, Marquardt School District 15 and the Glendale Heights Preschool Program to provide programs that complement schedules and curricula while providing participants with a nurturing, yet engaging, place to play.

Hours of Operation

Open Every School Day (No Half Days)
Includes Early Release Mondays
When school is canceled due to weather, Kids Club is also canceled.

What About Transportation?

Transportation will be provided by School Districts 15 and 16 in Glendale Heights.

What Will My Child Do?

Students participate in a wide range of athletic, creative, and academic activities each day. While Kids Club makes time for homework and academic enrichment, we aim to spend after school tim constructively with planned activities written by education and recreation professionals. Students might learn about a different country, play dress up, or go and explore nature. Every day is different, but always fun!

The Benefits

Children in after school programs learn to cooperate in a group settng, becoming confident "citizens of the world." In doing so, they learn what it means to follow rules and be a team player. They also learn better communication skills and how to think on their feet. Besides improving school attendance and academic performance, the programs reinforce school learning with practitical application.